Why Mumbai escorts are better than prostitutes?

Why should we choose an escort instead of a prostitute?

There could be a lot of reasons behind this. but one of the main factors that you should think about before hiring an escort is that she will accompany you everywhere like from social functions, get-together parties to your bed. Escorts in Mumbai are socially skillful, charming, and presentable. They can be with you for several days or weeks in exchange for money. On other hand, the prostitute generally gets hired for a short period of time under a roof only for the sexual act only. They will charge you by hours or by type of service you want to take. There are so many things that you can do with an escort and this time you can explore the countless opportunities for sex life with these escorts. Intimacy is everything for men and that’s why they love to book an escort for this goal.Sexy escort

Do Women Enjoy Working as Prostitutes?

Are you wondering that do escorts enjoy intercourse? What is the reality behind this? This time you can know more about this topic here. First of all, it all depends on the agency from where you are hiring the escort. If you are at a brothel then from my experience as I am from Mumbai, the answer is No as the prostitutes over at brothels are cheap and don’t care about client’s satisfaction and behind making quick bucks however if you are booking an escort in Mumbai from reputed escort agency then answer would be 60%-40% because all the girls or females that work in escort agency are more dignified, young and charming than the prostitutes and very well and trained in satisfying a client’s desire. They don’t on work a daily basis that’s why these agencies will always welcome you with a wide range of girls’ profiles. However, the rest of the 40% of escorts that you are hiring from an agency will also satisfy you properly in comparison to the prostitutes whom you might find near red light areas like Kamathipura Lal bazaar. Not all women enjoy working as an escort, but some enjoy it. How is it possible? It is possible because some escorts are working for pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They like the company of different men for the intimacy goals. On the other hand, some are only working for money, and in reality, they do not enjoy working as a prostitute. Below are the two major facts that we must consider to know the real answer to this.

1). Money is Important for Escorts:

Women in the industry of Escorts service or some other cities give too much importance to money, and that’s why they are in this profession. No one wants to work in this profession and especially in India which is the country of cultures. However, some girls or females are crazy about this profession, they have the lure of completing their erotic and sexual desires and that’s why they love to work as an escort.

2). Some Girls Are Passionate About Sex:

Some Mumbai escorts come here to achieve their future goals but as we all know Mumbai is the city of dreams and well known for its high vibrant nightlife and usually this fact becomes chaos for them. Few of them are passionate about sex, advanced moves, and intimacy, and that’s why they are in this profession. They enjoy while working as a prostitute. That means they love their job and they not only consider money, but they also love sex with different men. Are you still confused about the right things? If yes, you should glance at the complete information about women for sex purposes.

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Hiring an escort in Mumbai is Easy and Online:

When we are talking about escort booking, you must know one more fact: the booking of escorts. Booking of Call Girls is completely online for the clients, and they can book an escort with the flexible mode at any place without facing any difficulty. Online booking is easier for clients because they can find a partner from the comprehensive range of escorts.


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